Welcome to the Adventist Health Multi-Factor Authentication & Self-Service Password Reset Setup Site!

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication, as implemented at Adventist Health, is a two-factor method of confirming your identity during login or when resetting your password. It requires:

  1. Something you know (typically a password)
  2. Something you have (a trusted device that is not easily duplicated, such as a phone or security token)

Adding an additional factor for authentication protects against unauthorized access in the event that your password is somehow compromised.

Multi-Factor Authentication will soon be required for all remote access to Adventist Health applications. Once your mobile device and preferences have been configured, then those preferences will be used whenever MFA is required when logging in to Adventist Health systems.

Completing your MFA setup now will help ensure that you continue to have the access you need going forward.

What is Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

Self-Service Password Reset gives you the ability to reset your password without contacting the IT Support Center for help. If you forget your password, or your password expires, you can follow prompts to reset your password and get back to work.

Steps for Completing Your MFA & SSPR Setup:

Follow the instructions in the documents below while completing the remaining steps:
(the document links below will open in a new tab or window)
1 Begin My Setup
1 Test My Access Now (You'll be prompted to log in, and will then need to provide the secondary MFA response. Be sure to unlock the screen on your registered mobile device, so you can see the MFA notification.)